Products from Global Agri Resources transcend the ordinary, presenting an exhaustive range of sublime creations including Chocolate Fats, Confectionery Fats, and Bakery Fats. These creations are the very essence of gastronomic artistry, meticulously crafted to enchant your senses.

Delve into a universe of Food Ingredients that redefine indulgence, catering to the most discerning palates across Beverage, Ice Cream, Bakery, Flavour, and a mosaic of culinary domains. Our products are not just commodities; they are the result of a dedication to perfection, sourced from the finest raw materials, and designed to meet the diverse needs of our cherished clientele.

We take pride in being the bridge between flavors and cultures, as our offerings traverse the globe, enriching more than fifty countries with our culinary marvels. As our portfolio grows to serve food manufacturers, bakeries, and distributors, the global stage eagerly awaits the excellence that only Global Agri Resources can deliver.

Join us in a partnership that promises enduring quality, innovation, and a shared vision of shaping the future of gourmet experiences. Together, let’s embark on a journey of culinary opulence and create a legacy of taste that stands the test of time.

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Cocoa Butter Improver (CBI) and Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE) are specially formulated from palm oil to resemble cocoa butter in both physical and chemical properties.

a. Cocoa Butter Improver/ Cocoa Butter Equivalent

Our fats are CBI and CBE which show excellent compatibility with cocoa butter and share similar crystallization and melt profile as cocoa butter.
Using this chocolate fats would provide cost reduction as it can be used to replace cocoa butter at any ratio. They impart strong heat resistance and excellent melting characteristics to various types of chocolate products.

We have full range of confectionary fats to meet your applications needs. From the inside filling of pastries, to the outer coatings on biscuits, there are limitless possibilities to producing end products the way you want it.

a. Cocoa Butter Replacers

Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR) is made from hydrogenated and fractionated vegetable fats.
Compound chocolate products made with CBR do not required tempering.
Our fats are CBR which impart excellent gloss retention and sharp meltdown to the final products. They have high tolerance for cocoa butter (up to 20%) and thus can be mixed with cocoa liquor to produce a compound chocolate that is rich in cocoa taste.

b. Cocoa Butter Substitutes

Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS) is made from hydrogenated and fractionated palm kernel oil.
Tempering of the compound chocolate made with CBS is not required.
Our fats are CBS which give the final products good snappiness, excellent melting
characteristics and good flavor release.

c. Coating and Creaming Fats

We offer a wide variety of specialty fats for coating and creaming applications such as
coating chocolates, toffees and other confectionary products. Our products can be tailor-made to suit the setting characteristics and eating quality desired by the customer.

d. Milk Fat Replacers

Our Milk Fat Replacers (MFR) which are made from special blend of vegetable oils and fats.
They can be used to replace milk fat in many products such as ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable cheese and other confectionary products.

We have developed a range of bakery fats that cab easily satisfy the stringent requirements of modern bakers. The physical properties most sought after are improved batter aeration, good dough plasticity and workability, and improved resistance to staling in bread. This ultimately leads to improved eating properties and shelf life of the end products.

a. Bakery Margarine

Our margarines are made from a blend of freshly refined vegetable oils. They are suitable for making cakes, biscuits, breads, sweet rolls and other baked products.
Our margarines are specially designed for making a wide range of puff pastry products.

b. Bakery Shortening

Our shortenings can be tailor-made to meet the texture and melting requirements of various bakery and filling applications.

c. Bakery oils and fats

Our high stability oils and fats can be used as flavor carriers for spraying onto biscuits and crackers. They can also be formulated to be used as pan release oils for bread production.

In this modern culinary era, consumers are becoming more concerned about healthy eating and the ill-effects of trans fats. Shortenings are 100% non-hydrogenated palm-based frying fats. They are specially developed as a healthy replacement of partially hydrogenated fats in deep frying applications. The fried products are crispy and light in flavor.
Our oils and fats can improve the functionalities of finished products.
Our fats can be used as additives to improve heat resistance of chocolates and margarines. Other applications include prevention of oil separation in chocolate pastes and as a moisture barrier in ice confections.