Welcome to the world of Global Agri Resources Pvt. Ltd., an unparalleled beacon of innovation and research excellence rooted in Asia. As a pioneering powerhouse, we stand as one of the foremost exporters of edible oil-based derivatives on a global scale. Our unwavering focus revolves around the exportation of paramount Animal Nutrition, Food Ingredients, and Industrial Chemicals meticulously crafted from the essence of vegetable oils.

Embarking on a journey to become the most trusted purveyor of oils and fats across diverse applications, our commitment extends beyond product excellence. We orchestrate a symphony of impeccable customer service and flawlessly streamlined logistics, setting a new benchmark for industry standards.

Guided by a management team with a formidable experience spanning five decades, Global Agri Resources is a testament to the fusion of manufacturing prowess and trading finesse across multifarious sectors. Our exceptional growth narrative finds its roots in the synergy of unwavering dedication to quality, relentless work ethic, and an unwavering moral compass that permeates every tier of our corporate structure.

Our specialization lies in the art of exporting Animal Nutrition Products, Food Ingredients, and Industrial Chemicals meticulously derived from vegetable oils. This specialization reflects our profound comprehension of market dynamics and a resolute commitment to tailoring products that transcend expectations in these exclusive domains.

Global Agri Resources doesn’t just embrace the future; we sculpt it with innovation, research, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in product craftsmanship and ethical business paradigms. Join us in redefining industry landscapes and charting new dimensions of success.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the finest quality products at the best price, in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Technical and trading experts provides the means for us to offer the highest value products.

Our Promise

To be the largest respected
Corporate Group while
operating across the globe.